New chapter

10 years ago, in October, I came into this little town of mine, to start a faculty which I didn’t really know if it was meant for me, gave me a lot of headache and tough times, but also joy, love and happiness, a great group of friends, an american experience and memories which made marks in me. Marks which remind me, that sometimes friends grow apart, love tears us apart and sometimes… it’s just not meant to be. You feel sadness, but I have a smile in my sadness, always will have, because I know that this is temporary. It fades away. One of my favorite writer said: “People can get over almost everything “. I agree with her. Because I got over it. I lost my father, became a doctor, made new friends, lost old ones, my job became my hobby and some colleagues became strangers. This rollercoaster of life never stops, it never should stop. Because if it stops, how will I enjoy the ride?

It’s October again and the leaves turned yellowish – red and it always reminds me how much I love this golden light.

…and a new chapter begins.



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